As part of a landmark leadership transition at Stats SL which has been applauded by both national and international partners of the institution, the outgoing Statistician General & CEO, Prof. Osman Sankoh COR will attend this year’s 54th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in New York from 28th February to 3rd March 2023, with his Deputy SG Mr Andrew Bob Johnny, who will take over as SG/CEO effective 1st April 2023.

The incoming SG of Stats SL is billed to speak at the UNSC on mainstreaming children’s data collection at a side meeting organized by UNICEF and partners; on the implementation of digital censuses in Africa at a side meeting organized by UNECA and partners; and on another side, an event organized by PARIS 21 and partners.

These appointments will give the incoming SG a spectacular opportunity to demonstrate especially to the African Statistics Community that the leadership transition at Stats SL is well-planned for the success of the institution.

The joint participation of both incoming and outgoing SGs at the UN forum will send the right signals of a mature institution, to representatives of national statistics offices around the globe.

Prof. Sankoh who is the current Vice-Chair of the UN Statistical Commission and served the Commission as its Rapporteur for two consecutive terms will also be ending his term at the UNSC.

“I feel honoured and proud that I will be introducing my successors both at Stats SL and at the UNSC to the global statistical community.”


Credit: Stats SL Comms & PR Div.