According to police sources, one of the ring leaders in the assault on a whistle blower of a rape case in Kenema and publisher of the Elephant Newspaper, Moses Lansana has been ordered to appear before the CID in Freetown.

It could be recalled that the Publisher of the Elephant Newspaper, and also whistle blower of the said rape case in Kenema, Nilmalty Kamara, had dragged the said three police officers from Kenema to the CDIID so as to alert the authorities about the activities of some officers to tarnish the image of the force, through their cats of compromising serious issues bordering on threats against the life of a whistle blower and his family, and their alleged link with some criminal cartel.

It was disclosed that this action was necessitated as the said police officers appeared to have compromised the matter of threats to the life of the Publisher and family by people alleged to be notorious criminals and sympathizers of a Muslim cleric reported by this publisher at the said Kenema Police Station on Sexual Penetration offence. According to investigations mounted by this medium, it was unearth that one Inspector.

one Inspector Augustine Mafinda of the I Branch has been compromising the case between the publisher of the Elephant Newspaper and a notorious criminal, Kelfala Jonjo, who had threatened to kill his son, Abdulai Vanni Kamara.

The age 9, allegedly in reprisal for the exposure of an alleged rape case by his father. When these threatening remarks were made to the police at Kenema, Inspector Mafinda is said to have told the Publisher that the said matter was not important.

According to the Publisher and whistle blower of the rape case against one Muslim Cleric, he was at home on the day in question and whistle blower heard scuffles at the gate to his compound.

Upon coming out of the CDIID in Free house, he bumped into his son, who had apparently been running Commissioner away from the criminal.

Upon enquiries from his son as to the his stance, matter, he was told that Jonjo had threatened to kill his son and had chased him into the compoundand was trying desperately to gain access into the compound, which the young boy had hurriedly locked.

The Publisher further disclosed that whilst advancing towards the gate to enquire from Jonjo about the allegation, he was stopped in his track by a barrage of stones, thrown by Jonjo into the compound over the fence.

He furthered that he then called ASP Bilkisu Kamara, of the Divisional Operation Unit of the police, who sent a team of police officers. On their arrival, Jonjo had left the scene. The publisher then came out of his compound to explain to the police and show them exhibits of the stones thrown the at his house by Jonjo. Surprisingly. he saw blood on the Elephant Logo on his gate, which he readily showed to the police at the scene He and his son then went with the police to the station, where he made his report.

The case for his son was referred to the FSU for further investigation, and his own case of malicious damage and trespass was sent to the investigation branch at the station, where he made a statement. including those of his witnesses. Publisher Nilmanty Kamara furthered that after ensuring that the matter involving threat to his sons life is completed, he then returned to follow up on the progress of his own matter at the Investigation Branch, and to his surprise, Inspector Mafinda stopped the investigator dealing with the matter to discontinue the case, and shouted at the Publisher to go to Hell, adding that his matter is of no significance.

Whilst in Freetown, the publisher received a call from his younger brother that a team of police officers stormed his residence in the company of the notorious criminal, and he is currently anxious over the safety of his family and property. During the course of our investigation it was revealed that Jonjo had been caught multiple times, breaking into tele centres and carting away phones and other gadgets, and on most of these occasions, Inspector Mafinda has been protecting him, even on the 30th September 2021, he was among the thugs who attacked the residence of the Publisher for reporting the said rape case, and was also caught stealing phones from a mobile centre in the township and was taken to the police station, where the Publisher stumbled upon him, as he had escaped police arrest after the incident at the residence of the whistle blower.

However, as the matter at the CDIID in Freetown unfolds, many concerned citizens praise the Commissioner and head of the CDIID in Freetown unfolds, many concerned citizen praise the commissioner and head of the CDIID, commisioner Amara, for his stance, adding that with people like him at the helm of affairs in that sector, sanity will be brought to the force.

Many call on the commissioner to take actions on all other cases of police misbehavior and abuse of power, as that will enhance the good working relationship between the force and the population and also build confidence and trust between them.

In respect of the complaint brought against the said officers to the CDIID in Freetown.