The All People’s Congress in a press release dated 24th May, 2024 expresses dissatisfaction over President Julius Maada Bio recent address to the nation threatening citizens of his using of bullet a giant them.

In the release, the All People’s Congress expressed their concern about the said statement.

The All People’s Congress (APC) is deeply concerned and therefore expresses profound disappointment in the recent speech delivered by President Julius Maada Bio, In his address, the President threatened citizens that, if they come with a bullet, they would be met with a bullet,” they highlighted

The Party continued by raising concerns over the devastating state of the country where citizens are faced with hunger, economic devastation, and starvation, and expressed their confidence in the people’s power during the electioneering process.

The Party went on to express more dissatisfaction in the speech blaming the President of fostering incendiary and threatening languages on the people of Sierra Leone.

Instead of fostering unity and offering words of encouragement to his people, President Bio has chosen to use incendiary and threatening language. Such rhetoric further divides our nation, which is highly detrimental to the social fabric of Sierra Leone,” they stated.

At some point in the release, the Party reminded the public of the agreement for National Unity, which contains a mutual condemnation of hate speech and violence and an agreement signed by both the SLPP-led government and the APC which states: “The government of Sierra Leone and the APC party strictly condemn all citizens at home and abroad who incite violence, spread hate speech and disrupt national cohesion (online and offline), and the government will continue all efforts to bring those involved to justice.”

The release further stated in condemnation that “The acts and words of President Bio are ill-advised and unfortunate. The leaders of both the APC and the SLPP Government should be diligently working to bring together the nation and foster peace.”

The Party went on to oppose the utilization of governmental authority to coerce, persecute, or unlawfully confine individuals on the grounds of their political convictions or associations and advise that the government should halt these unjustified steps and focus on fostering authentic dialogue and reconciliation, in accordance with the Bintumani Agreement, to guarantee the political stability and peace of Sierra Leone.

In the end, the Party called on all citizens to maintain composure and concentration and to allow the tripartite committee to proceed with its crucial tasks, while patiently awaiting its ultimate findings and the Party maintains its optimism that President Bio would collaborate with the APC in the endeavor to unify the citizens and guide the nation towards a tranquil and prosperous future.