Honorable Ibrahim Koroma, representing Kenema District, broke the traditional parliamentary recess on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, by joining his colleague, Honorable Idriss Dauda, representing Bonth District, to conduct oversight on WASSCE Examination Centers in Kenema City.

Despite the parliamentary break, the lawmakers continued their duties as members of the Education Committee to investigate allegations of examination malpractice facilitated by school leaders, as reported by WAEC.

The visit targeted several examination centers, including Door International Private School, Integration Secondary School, Holy Trinity, Nasir Ahmadiyya, and Lukes Commercial School, among others. Honorable Koroma and Honorable Dauda emphasized parliament’s role in ensuring adherence to the law and pledged thorough scrutiny to restore the integrity of the education system.

“The aim is to address the challenges facing the educational sector and restore its rightful status,” stated Honorable Koroma. He reiterated their commitment to leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of educational excellence.

The parliamentarians affirmed their intention to continue the oversight exercise until the conclusion of the examinations. Subsequently, they will compile comprehensive reports to be submitted to the Committee Chairman in Parliament for further deliberation.

“It’s imperative to rectify the shortcomings in the educational sector,” stressed Honorable Dauda. Both lawmakers emphasized the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in effecting positive change.