Magistrate Mark Ngegba has sent three accused persons including a British citizen on remand at the Pademba Road Prison after police implicated them in a murder at Woodland Estate in Freetown.

The three accused were arrested as suspects on the murder of bodyguard of First Lady, Samuel Abubakar Kargbo late February this year.

The British citizen, Hardie Momodu Jabbie and the two other accused, Mohamed Samura and Mohamed Lamin denied the allegations when put to them on their first appearance.

However, a testimony from wife of the deceased implicated the first accused to have collected her husband from home a day before he died.

She said the first accused inform her husband that they will be collecting some cash from someone.

The wife told the magistrate she later received information late the following day that her husband’s corpse was at 34 Military Hospital.

Police testimony during the preliminary investigation revealed that it was one Desmond Johnson that reported the matter to them on the 27 February this year.

Detective Mathew Vangahun said in court that a team of police officers led by Detective Assistant Police Commissioner Joseph Lahai visited the alleged crime scene.

Police said a pistol pouch and black baseball cap belonging to the deceased were found at the scene.

Police evidence also revealed that a search was conducted at the residence of the deceased’s landlord, Tamba Moriba alias T. Boy and found something of relevance.

The police, in addition, said they searched the home of Peter Sesay where they found a safe.

The evidence from the police also revealed that they put out an arrest warrant for Tamba Sesay and Peter Sesay who are believed to be on the run. Police said that a letter of notification has also been sent to the Interpol in order to apprehend the two men.