Hon. Musa Fofanah of Kono District has handed over the sum of Le 170,345,000.00 to his constituency chairman for the completion of eight (8) developmental projects he started during his first term.

Fofanah represented C4C in 2018 to 2023 in the well of parliament and now representing SLPP in parliament under the PR system.

He maintained that, the money given to the leadership in the Constituency 023 (Nimikoro Chiefdom) is meant to complete 8 projects, ranging from the Yengema Clock Tower, Duramor Scooh, Wongoma Community Barray, Gbakiyoh Barry, Pumpeh Barray, Pumpeh Jula Ataya Base, Nga Barray and Ngaiya Ataya Base.

He expressed his commitment to improving the lives of his constituents and ensuring that development projects are completed in a timely manner during the handing over ceremony at Bumpeh Barray, which was attended by community leaders, party members and supporters, and constituents.

According to report, Hon. Musa Fonofah started a lot of projects, some of which were completed, while others were not and during the SLPP back-to-back campaign and symbolic handover ceremony in Kono, he expressed his gratitude to President Bio for his belief and confidence he entrusted in him to switch from his party C4C to SLPP.

He continued extending his gratitude to Shek Mohamed Lamin Fofanah, PC Bona, the campaign team, constituency executives, and SLPP-Kono stakeholders, including district chairman Saffea L. Moiwa, for their support in the Kono for Green Movement. Hon. Fofanah also extended his thanks to Hon. Saa Emmerson Lamina for all dedication and consistency support from C4C to SLPP in achieving the back-to-back re-election of President Bio and the rest of the team who wined their various positions under the SLPP in Kono District.

“The completion of those community projects were always on my agenda, and coming to give this amount is to make sure the projects are completed in the shortest possible time.” He summed up.

The constituency chairman and development committee expressed their gratitude to Hon. Fofanah for his generosity and pledged to ensure that the funds are used for the intended purposes. They also promised to work closely with him to identify and prioritize other development projects that would benefit the community.