NCSA Commissioner Ernest B. Ndomahina organized an engaging street jogging event in his hometown, Taiama Bo, on the morning of February 17th 2024.

The event, marked by the spirited participation of Taiama Secondary School pupils, garnered enthusiasm and excitement throughout the community.

Accompanied by his former schoolmates, including Principal Ernest N Sama and Vice Principal Mr. Lamboi, Commissioner Ndomahina’s motive behind this initiative remains undisclosed. However, the impact of his presence was immediately felt as he engaged with students and school officials during the jogging process.

Witnesses describe an atmosphere of anticipation and enthusiasm, showcasing the talents, skills, and achievements of the pupils.

The Taiama community is abuzz with speculation about the underlying purpose of Commissioner Ndomahina’s street jogging. Some believe it signifies a groundbreaking effort to promote education, community involvement, and empowerment.

Others speculate that it could be a strategic move to highlight the achievements and potential of Taiama Secondary School.