In an exclusive interview with this medium, Councillor N’Bompa Turay of the East District, Western Urban, precisely the Kissy Terminal Community, graciously commended Afrigas for the business entity’s consistent and impactful rolling out of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

As a second-term Councilor, N’Bompa Turay shared detailed insights into the various ways Afrigas has positively contributed to the development and welfare of the local populace, effectively exonerating the company from recent criticisms about its community engagement.

He firmly asserted that Afrigas, a company specializing in cooking gas distribution, has been actively involved in CSR activities that benefit the residents of the community. The Councilor emphasized that Afrigas has not only adhered to rolling out their Corporate Social Responsibility but has also exceeded expectations in certain instances. One notable example, he mentioned, of the company’s contributions, was the provision of over 20,000-liter water tank, valued at over NLe15, 000 to the community. He underscored that such an initiative has significantly improved the quality of life for residents by ensuring a reliable and accessible water supply.

Another significant contribution that the company made was the funding of a street light project, which Councillor N’Bompa Turay highlighted during the interview.

He stated that Afrigas allocated NLe10,000 for that initiative, which was managed in collaboration with local authorities including himself and other MPs. He said that project has enhanced safety and security in the area, making it easier for residents to navigate the community night furthering how such an improved lighting has also reduced incidents of crime and promoting a safer environment for all.

In addition to these large-scale projects, Councillor N’Bompa Turay pointed out that Afrigas has also provided financial assistance for various community needs, such as the construction of public toilets. These initiatives, he stated, are typically driven by requests from community groups who approach Afrigas for support. This responsive approach, he said, has ensured that the company addresses specific and immediate needs of the community, further demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility.

During the interview, Councillor N’Bompa Turay also addressed misconceptions that Afrigas has not been actively and meaningfully contributing to the community.
That concern, he highlighted, was raised by one Paul, the leader of a disabled group within the community during the recent launch of the Gas Power Plant by President Bio.

Councillor N’Bompa Turay, however, clarified that while not all community members may be aware of the company’s efforts, there are organized groups that regularly interact with Afrigas to ensure their needs are met. He acknowledged that some community members might feel left out due to a lack of direct communication or involvement, and suggested that community proposals should be more organized and clearly communicated to Afrigas to ensure that all voices are heard and addressed.

The Councillor pointed out that although the Handicapped Association has approached the company for assistance, however, it was not clear as to what they really needed support for. He said in that light the Management of the company has asked him to liaise with the Chairman of the Handicap Association in order to identify what is currently their specific need. The Councillor furthered that the company has exhibited willingness to support any reasonable request as long as it will be beneficial and impactful to the Association’s members and other community residents. He promised that the engagement with the Chairman will soon take place in an enlightening manner.
According to him, it is always important to exercise patience whenever requests are made to companies that are operating within the community for assistance.

Looking ahead, Councillor Turay expressed optimism about continued collaboration between Afrigas and residents of the community. He urged residents to come together and prepare proposals for future CSR initiatives, noting that Afrigas has shown a willingness to support meaningful projects. He stressed the importance of presenting well-organized and feasible plans to maximize the impact of Afrigas’ contributions.

Councillor N’Bompa Turay also highlighted the importance of transparency and clear communication in these efforts. He encouraged community leaders to ensure that all members are informed about ongoing and upcoming projects to foster a sense of collective responsibility and participation. By doing so, he believes that the community can better coordinate with Afrigas and leverage their support for greater development.

Councillor N’Bompa Turay ended up reiterating his appreciation for Afrigas’ contributions and urged the public to recognize and support the company’s efforts. He emphasized that Afrigas has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the community and should be viewed as a valuable partner in the community’s development.

His endorsement of Afrigas’ CSR activities underscores the company’s role in fostering positive change and development within the Kissy Terminal Community.