fostering educational growth and community engagement, a collaborative effort between Network Support for Peace Education (NeSPE) and Action Aid – Sierra Leone (AASL) has spurred a spirited competition among four primary schools in Timdale Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

The initiative, themed ‘Improving on the Cognitive and Psych-Moto aspect in Education’, aims to invigorate child sponsorship programs while enhancing linguistic proficiency and cognitive skills among students.

James Caulker, Program Officer of Actionaid, highlighted the significance of spelling bees in nurturing friendly competition and fostering camaraderie among participants. He emphasized that the mental stimulation and excitement inherent in spelling competitions rival that of physical contests, elevating the experience for both contestants and spectators alike.

George Gbenga, Executive Director of NeSPE, underscored the educational benefits of spelling competitions, noting that they encourage students to delve into the origins and etymology of words, thereby broadening their knowledge base and nurturing a passion for learning.

Madam Hai, representing the town Chief, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders and underscored the value of spelling competitions in enhancing vocabulary, language skills, and overall academic proficiency among school-goers. She emphasized the importance of memorizing and correctly spelling words as a means of improving memory skills and language proficiency.

David Challay, Chairman of the school management committee in Timdale, emphasized the role of spelling accuracy in enhancing language proficiency and memory improvement among pupils. He highlighted the repetitive practice and reinforcement inherent in spelling competitions as instrumental in strengthening memory recall abilities.

Jeneba Koroma, a women’s activist in Moyamba district, lauded the confidence-boosting effects of participation in spelling competitions, citing the myriad educational and personal benefits they offer, including enhanced language proficiency, cognitive abilities, and overall academic development.

The community Animator of Kargboro Chief Lakha urged parents to support and nurture their children’s participation in educational initiatives such as spelling competitions, recognizing their vital role in promoting holistic development.

The Free Quality Assurance Officer of the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) commended ActionAid and NeSPE for their contributions to educational infrastructure and resources in sponsorship communities, while also emphasizing the importance of spelling competitions in bolstering academic excellence.

The competition culminated in Islamic Call Society Gondama (ICS Gondama) emerging as the victor in both categories, followed by RC Primary and Bomotoke, with Kulafai Rashideen securing the third position. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the participants and schools, marking the successful conclusion of a collaborative effort to promote education and community engagement in Sierra Leone.