Dr. Jeredine George, a specialist Obstetrician Gynaecologist at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) commonly called Cottage has confirmed the death of a newborn baby due to a power outage at the hospital.

According to Dr. George, the baby was in distress while in its mother’s womb and the mother needed oxygen to sustain her baby but there was no power, which led to the death of the baby immediately after surgery was conducted on the mother.

According to Dr. George, there was no power at the hospital from 9:15 pm on Monday till 8:00 am on Tuesday. She said the hospital has solar power but can only last for a maximum of 5 hours at full capacity and it was in operation till 9:15 pm on Monday, adding the hospital generator can only serve the operating theatre.

She stated that nurses on night duty have to admit, care for, and give medications to patients in the dark or use their phone torches or those of the patient’s relatives.

She called on the authorities concerned to come to the aid of the hospital as there are many issues at the hospital.