The Natural Resources Governance and Management has on the 10th August, 2023 completed a symposium and validation of the environmental plan of Kono district. 

The symposium was rolled out on the theme ‘our environment is our life’ which cantered on promoting the climate smart action validation plan and agenda for the district that may pave a way for sustainable development and help in the climate change issues with support from green grant according to them.

In his statement, Ibrahim Ahmed Sahr Bockarie, the spokesperson for the consortium of civil society on national resources and good governance management and management, he maintained that, the climate change is real and very dangerous for which Kono district has been challenged with for many decades. He said they are trying to mitigate in their own ways the using different approved documents by Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) as a footprint to engage multiple stakeholders ranging from the mining companies, the civil society organizations and other very important partners in the sector, for them to come on board to chat way forward that will be very vital in managing the environment and subsequent wellbeing of the general public and good for every Sierra Leonean.

Arthur  Kargbo, the leader of the consortium maintained that, they are setting up seed banks and nurseries in the fourteen chiefdoms for both miners and farmers to not only reclaim but to afforest the depleted lands to create alternative livelihood for youths and women for an enhanced food security and sustainable green jobs in a climate friendly manner.

“We are using the NDC tracking tools to report the locally determined contributions for sustainable environmentally friendly economy. We want the MDAs to use the NDC integrated farming methods to boost agriculture thus reducing the food job vulnerability” he said

He added that, they have challenges in rolling out the environmental management plans but are working hard to validate the plan and sign communiqué with different stakeholders in the sector. The communiqué was as to the commitment shown by different stakeholders and this may be a tool to hold all institutions accountable for what have been stated and highlighted as resolutions in a timely manner, adding that the Environmental management plan will be a five years working document spanning from 2023-2028 which will be in line with the National Determinant Contribution (NDC) and National Adaptation Plan (NAP) documents respectively.