The National Youth Council (NYC) and the Free Pentecostal Mission (FPM) Sierra Leone joined forces to host a National Leaders Summit in Kenema, drawing youth from across the country.

The FPM, a Christian organization focused on spreading the gospel and fostering morality among its members, collaborated with the NYC to engage young leaders in annual activity planning and spiritual teachings.

“This summit is geared towards engaging our national leaders on both planning for our annual activities and providing emphasis on spiritual teachings,” explained Emmanuel Fayia Kosalay Gborie, National President of the NYC.

The NYC is known for organizing annual youth conferences in December to steer young people away from negative activities and promote their development.

President Gborie further emphasized the summit’s role in educating youth about the dangers of harmful drugs like kush, jamba, and tramadol. He encouraged participants to share this knowledge with their peers across the country.

“The increasing involvement of young people in activities that hinder national progress is a serious concern,” Gborie said. “This is why engaging them in spirituality and moral development is crucial.”

Held at the Hope Free Pentecostal Church Hall in Kenema, the summit attracted young people from all regions of Sierra Leone. The National Mission President and other speakers delivered impactful presentations on various life-changing topics, aiming to cultivate a generation of potential leaders for Sierra Leone.

The three-day summit concluded peacefully, with a call to action for youth to share the acquired knowledge with others in their districts and communities.