A Former police officer, Corporal 17589 Alimamy Fofanah (32) on Wednesday 22 March 2023 made his second appearance in court to answer to a count charge of murder contrary to law.

According to the particulars of offense before the Court, the accused person, on Wednesday 1st February 2023 at Bassa Town, Waterloo, unlawfully murdered Yayah Jalloh.

According to the second prosecution witness, Ramatulai Kargbo testified that on the day of the alleged incident, she went to attend a function at Bassa Town Field Waterloo, adding that when she arrived there she came across Yayah Jalloh (now deceased).

He introduced the accused as his boss, Upon that, she testified that the accused bought drinks for her, noting that whiles she was there, she noticed the accused was holding a gun.

She disclosed that at about 3 am, the accused told Yayah to escort him to someplace, but she decided to tag along with the accused and the deceased.

She continued that upon arriving at a certain place, the accused threatened to shoot at somebody but did not name the person he was going to shoot at.

We pleaded with him not to do that, while I was hiding behind Yayah,” the Prosecution witness told the court.

She furthered that she called on the attention of people, adding that while she was on her way, she heard the sound of a gunshot. When she returned to the scene, she did not see the accused but met Yayah lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Kargbo further told the Court that she took the deceased to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. She later made a statement at the Waterloo Police Division.

Defense Counsel JM. Gengo was absent.

Magistrate Marke Ngegba adjourned the matter to Wednesday 29th March 2023 for cross-examination.