Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, the Chief Executive Officer of Luawa FC, has claimed that his club spent a staggering 1.3 billion from January to July this year.

He said that the investment covered player salaries, travel expenses, and other campaign-related costs, equivalent to 55,000 US Dollars.

Abdulai underscored the significance of financing in football and sports, urging the government, football administrators, and the public to take the sport seriously. He pointed that there could be job opportunities for the youth in the country. The CEO of Luawa Football Club called on all stakeholders, including the government, WAFA, and journalists, to prioritize football and sports in Sierra Leone and recognize such investments.

Luawa FC, a Kailahun-based club escaped relegation last season in the Sierra Leone Premier League. The team is largely made up of young and courageous players.