An Okada man (commercial motorist) was found dead at Malembeh Community, Waterloo in Western Rural District.

Spokesman for the Waterloo Police, Assistant Police Superintendent (ASP) Allieu Jalloh said the dead man could be anywhere between the ages 25 and 30 years of age.

Police said the corpse was found with multiple stab wounds on the neck, throat, chest, stomach and hand. They said a knife and a bluetooth player was also found with the corpse.

ASP Jalloh said they are currently investigating the matter while calling on those with information to assist.

A-Z Newspaper reported that the Headman of Malembeh, Ibrahim Kargbo said the discovery was surprising to them because their community is one of the most peaceful in Waterloo.

The corpse is currently at the central morgue in Connaught Hospital in Freetown.

Some members of the public have attributed the incident to bike theft drawing from similar cases in the Western Rural District.

Commercial motorcycles play a pivotal role in transporting people and goods in and around the district. Recent, happenings is however believed to have left some commercial motorists (Okada men) in fear to plying the roads in the district especially at night.