Reports from the TV-News 24 at Makeni, has shown a young Bike Rider identified as Junior High Man Mansaray, found dead at the Conteh Lane in Makeni after being murdered in cold blood.

According to the TV-News 24´s findings, the deceased left his house on Monday the 31st January 2022 at around 5am and told his family that he was going to pick up a female passenger whom he had dropped off at the Conteh Lane on Sunday night. The deceased told his family that the lady had given him le 40,000 for fuel to be used on Monday to collect her for a trip.

However he failed to tell his family the name of the lady and where he would be taking her to before he left to collect her. Little did the family know that their son will not return home alive.

A colleague rider who was out for work, found the deceased corpse on the same Conteh Lane where he said he was going to pick up that lady, but his motor bike was nowhere to be found. The Rider then alerted others and the case was reported to the police.

The police did not made any official statement and TV News 24 did not confirm whether the police have arrested anyone, but investigations are ongoing.

The tragic incident resulted in Bike Riders Riots as they claimed that, this is not the first time such incident has occurred with riders. Riders took to the streets to make known their dissatisfaction over what happened to their colleague.