The Saint Francis Secondary School Makeni alumni called the Franciscans Association (OMFA), together with six others have been nominated by the AWOL America chapter for alumni of the year in its 8th annual achievement awards.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of September 2023.

The Bo School’s Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA), The Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumni Association, Annie Walsh Old Girls Association (AWOGA), St Joseph’s Convent Alumni Association, Kenema Old Students Association (KOSA), the alumni of the Government Secondary School Kenema and the Old Edwardians Alumni Association were nominated alongside the St Francis Secondary School alumni

The OMFA was nominated for its tremendous contributions to the development of the St Francis Secondary School, including; undertaking infrastructural projects contributing to nation-building through education.

The Association is composed of prominent individuals of the country among which are: Ing. Musa Timothy Kabba, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who was the former Organising Secretary of OMFA, Ing. Abdul Topo Bundu and Daniel Salifu Samura Whom stopped at nothing to ensuring their school reaches the peak it is.

Through the efforts of these strong alumi, the school is tagged as one of the most developed schools in the country. The Basketball and Volleyball courts of the school among other contributions were rehabilitated under the leadership of Daniel Salifu Samura during his tenure as President of the OMFA Class of 2009.

The Foreign Affairs Minister also single-handedly constructed a whole quarter for the science teachers’ and donated furniture to ensure the school returned to a single shift system among other contributions.

Another is Ing. Abdul Topo Bundu, the former Auditor 1 of the previous OMFA National Executive who gives scholarships to former pupils of the school pursuing their tertiary education in various universities across Sierra Leone.

The OMFA has also been organising exquisite celebrations during the school’s anniversary every December with a wide range of edutainment activities which include; jogging, a debate competition, a symposium and a career pathway for the pupils, a football gala for the OMFA universities chapters, candlelight parade, health screening and reunion night, speech day and prize giving, annual general meeting, while the weeklong celebration always climaxed with a Thanksgiving mass and a match pass.