Area Business Manager of Orange Sierra Leone in the Northern Region Sorie Yeyeh Kamara has disclosed that the opening of a modern office in Makeni city is a show that the mobile telecommunication provider company is here to stay.

An extension of this nature of our regional office in Makeni which is in the provinces is a clear indication of Orange Sierra Leone’s commitment to stay, and such large investment is not only meant to benefit our staff but our valuable customers and other members of the public that trusts in the reliable, affordable and services we provide as a multinational company operating in Sierra Leone and beyond, he explained.

Furthering that, the office also showcase a clearer visibility of Orange Sierra Leone in the northern region headquarter city of Makeni, and that we’re investing in our staff who’ve been supported now to be able gather and brainstorm around issues bothering our operations and in turn go to the field to and execute their mandates better to continue to offer the best of our products and services to our services and the general public.

“To have a very beautiful of this nature that is as excellent as it has been designed not just a relaxation spot for staff but a place to work before going to the field, we now have a Business to Business-(B2B) lounge, a canteen, a gym, a supervisor’s office for customers and partners reporting, a spacious conference room, wide corridors and more. For this we say thanks to our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sheku Amadu Bah and the entire management of Orange Sierra Leone for giving us a modern office of this nature,” he ended.

Asked about the estimated worth of the new Regional office in Makeni that was officially commissioned on Thursday, Mr. Kamara with a broad smile on his face replied saying “this is a class-A office and all I can say what you see here is a huge investments but what such investment cost I cannot dare to tell.”