One of the biggest telecommunications company in Sierra Leone, Orange-SL has celebrated its 10th Ethics and Compliance Day celebration in grand style, by organizing an interdepartmental debate competition. This event took place on Tuesday 11th October 2022, at the Orange-SL headquarters at Imatt.

Ethics and Compliance Day helps to ensure that an organization like Orange operates within in the law and stays true to its own ethical principles that are important to the company’s business and identity.

10 departments were formed into two groups to form the two debating team.

The topic of the interdepartmental debate competition is, ” Is it possible to do business in Sierra Leone without bribery?” The topic shed light on the important issues that surrounds the rise and fall of business in Sierra Leone.

In attendance was the deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Solomon Jamiru Esq, CEO of Innovation Sierra Leone, Francis George, the deputy director in terms of strategy at the Anti-Corruption Commission, Mrs Edita Fofanah and the president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Ahmad Sahid Nasralla.

The winner of the interdepartmental debate competition, ‘Team For’ won the debate with a total of 438 points- they took home a sum of NLE 3.500 and ‘Team against’ were runners up with a total of 429 points- and they took home the sum of NLE 1.500.

The best speaker prize was shared between Morenikeh Taylor of ‘Team for’ and Kenneth Kamara of ‘Team against’.

Madam Haffie Haffner in her welcome statement, acknowledged that this is the 10th edition of the ethics and compliance day celebration. She further said that it is a day that Orange-SL group has put aside to celebrate and take a Stance on the framework of their institution to promote ethics and anti corruption.

She went on to say that they collaborated with the HR department to organize the interdepartmental debate competition to make it a little bit different from previous ethics and compliance celebration, as well as to enhance ethics and compliance in customer relations.

Madam Haffie Haffner affirmed that Orange-SL puts prominence and importance to anti corruption, with strict bye laws that govern their Institution and they have a stringent team that ensures that customers relation is free from corruption and enhance ethics.

The deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Solomon Jamiru, in his brief statement thanked Orange-SL for giving him the opportunity to perform a very important and tedious task.

He emphasize that it is a topic that everyone should feel connected to, as we’ve all had a share of the experience.

He concluded that such discussion is beneficial to all and should be the basis for all institutions going forward, as compliance lies within all of us and its left with us to do our best.

The event was climaxed with the sharing of certificates to all the participants in the debate- as well as the taking of pictures and positive Interactions.