In a bid to provide easy access to Orange customers as well as strengthen its distribution channels, Orange Sierra Leone has commissioned two new franchise shops in the northern and eastern provinces of Sierra Leone.
The commissioning took place on 6th and 7th July, this year.

The shops which are now in full swing will provide products and services to residents in Dama Road in Kenema district, east of the country, and Kamakwie, Karene district in the north.

The Orange franchise model has been a great pillar to the company’s commercial activities driving Orange, Orange Money and new business products and services within urban and semi-urban areas.
Similar franchise shops have been launched and commissioned in other parts of the country totalling 30.

Over a year ago, Orange Sierra Leone commissioned a franchise shop in the southern town of Zimmi for which residents were pleased and elated.

With the shop in their community, they now enjoy easy access to Orange products and services.
Late last year, Orange Sierra Leone turned the sod for the construction of a US$15m data centre in Bo city in the south that will serve as a redundancy center in the provinces.

Work on the data centre is currently in progress, and will be commissioned soon.
If completed, the centre will augment the main data centre facility in the nation’s capital, Freetown.

The company is also on the move to have more sites in Sierra Leone for easy communications.

With these quality services, Orange Sierra Leone remains a dominant force in the telecommunication world just five years after it arrived in Sierra Leone with the sole aim of improving the lives of people in Sierra Leone with wonderful digital experiences.