Orange Sierra Leone which is the leading mobile services in the country has launched the Orange Money Card that can allow customers to cash in and cash out money in a more secure and safe manner.

The card which operates with a scan orange money QR code can help customers to access their money anywhere and anytime.

In delivering his speech, the CEO of Orange Money Sierra Leone, Mr. David Mansaray, said, “This card can help you retrieve your mobile numbers if you cannot recall them. It reduces mistake in transactions. The card can be use in shops that allow Orange Money payment. All you can do is hand the merchant the card and he or she will scan it and receive the payment for the item you will want to buy.”

Going further in explaining the benefit of the card the CEO said, “Now Orange Money is for everyone. You don’t need to have an orange sim card to use orange money. With this card you can enjoy orange money even without a smart phone. You can now use it with your network and your card to make transactions. This card can help customers make swift payments in supermarkets and shops. This card is opted for the development revolution that is coming ahead. It will allow you to pay for fuel and other items in the coming future which is why everyone must try and obtain the Orange Money Card.”

The CEO concluded that the card will help make transactions easy with orange money as before you will need to recite your number or better still enter a code but with this card you will just swipe it and your payment is done. He said Orange will continue to provide more improvement in the digital footprint of this country and it will continue to try in reaching out to the length and breadth of the country with its services.

The launch continues as Abibatu Baxter, Head of Strategy, Partnership and Marketing at Orange called on Sierra Leonean to start using the card. She said, “This card is waging a war in providing financial transaction for everyone bringing mobile money to the rest of the country in a very easy manner. The drive of the app is to provide easy and secure way to send and receive money using the orange money card. With this card anyone can cash money on your behalf. You can send someone to cash out money for you whilst you will be doing something else. This card is not only restricted to orange customers. Even non orange customers can use the card to send and receive money. The card can give opportunity in orange money services to orange and non-orange customers. People will not have to be an orange customer or have a smart phone to use the card. All you will need is to have an orange money account and use your card to access your wallet. This card is a breaking stone in the financial services system. This card will bridge the gap of financial divide. It will foster and promote more financial inclusion. This card is for people who want to access financial services and cannot.”

A team of staff from the Operations and IT at Orange Sierra Leone explained in a Memo of how the card works.

The operation’s manager said that the card is a roll Acosta for Orange Money.  This is all from the latest development of the orange money going digital. At first orange money was using #144# that still exist but because of globalization the orange money service has gone digital. She said now orange money has two different apps which could be downloaded on play store on android and on the application app on ISO devices.

The app with the orange is the one that was commonly used by customers and the one with the black called the orange money pro is the one that allow the agent or merchant to scan and make us have access to the card.

If you need to access this service, you first need to walk to an orange money shop and tell them that you need an orange money card. The card will cost NLE10 which is very cheap considering the work it will do and the security it has.

The card will be linked with your orange money current account number. Your ID card will be needed to validate the mobile number of the card.

The first step for you to gain access to the card is to link the card with the person that requested for it. If the person already has an orange money sim the agent will ask for the phone number to link it with the card. Secondly, the ID of the customer will be needed to validate the account. An ID is needed to confirm the submission of the details in the card. As soon as the ID is presented a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the customer’s sim. The OTP will be valid for 1 minute so it must be presented to the agent as soon as it arrives to the customer. As soon as the agent enters the 6 digit OTP both agent and customer will receive a confirmation message of the creation of the card. This is the process of creating a card for Orange Money Customers.

For Non-Orange Customers i.e. Africell and Qcell users, you will just need to go to the google PlayStore for android users and the application app for ISO users and download the Orange Money app and register to it by creating an account with your details on your ID. By doing that, you have created an orange money wallet for yourself. With just that you can go to an orange money agent shop and request for a card.

Cash Out

Anyone or anybody can cash out for you with the card but it has to be like this. If someone comes to an agent for cash out, the card will be scan and all the name and number of the owner will pop up. The agent will select cash out on his phone and ask the customer how much he wants to take out. As soon as the amount is selected by the agent all the details of the customer and the amount will pop up on the agent phone to confirm the transaction. After the confirmation a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the customer that will expire after 1 minute. This code will be entered by the agent to approve the transaction. If the code could not be provided by the customer the transaction will not take place. So in case of a theft of the card and someone tries to steal from the card without the OTP the transaction will not happen. This helps secure the card from theft.

Cash In

For cash in also, the card will be scan by the agent to get access to it. It will show the details of the owner of the card. Name and number of the owner will pop up. Next is to verify the amount the customer will like to cash in and as soon as it was approved the customer will receive a notification message on his phone of a transaction to his or her wallet. By cashing in there will not be any OTP. As soon as the agent verifies the details and amount from the customer a message of confirmation of the transaction is sent to both agent and customer.

Be mindful that for any cash out there will be an OTP so if a customer wants to cash out a thousand times there will also be a thousand OTPs sent to him or her.