Orange Sierra Leone, one of the leading mobile money services providers in the country, has issued a stern warning to all Sierra Leoneans:

Do not pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) to any agent, as GST is automatically deducted by Orange Money.”

The announcement comes as a response to a growing concern about unscrupulous agents attempting to collect GST payments from customers, despite the tax being seamlessly and accurately managed through Orange Money, the mobile money platform provided by the telecommunications giant.

Orange Sierra Leone has been at the forefront of promoting financial inclusion and digital payments in Sierra Leone through its Orange Money service. Through this platform, customers can conveniently and securely manage their finances, including the payment of taxes such as GST.

The company emphasized the importance of adhering to the correct procedures, reassuring citizens that the GST collection process is transparent and automatically handled by the Orange Money system. By avoiding any intermediaries, Sierra Leoneans can ensure the proper and efficient remittance of GST while also preventing potential scams.

This advisory from Orange Sierra Leone is a reminder of the pivotal role technology and mobile money play in streamlining financial transactions and enhancing transparency in tax collection. It is expected to help Sierra Leoneans in making informed choices regarding their tax payments and reduce the risk of unauthorized collections by third parties.