Abu Bakarr Osaio Kamara Declares For Nogowahun Chieftaincy Election

The declaration of rights for Ngowahun Chiefdom Chieftaincy elections has been held on Wednesday, May 11th 2022 at the community centre in Kalangba the chiefdom’s headquarters.

Abu Bakarr Osaio Kamara representing the Kamara ruling house was successfully declared eligible together with eleven other candidates for the Ngowahun Chiefdom elections which comprises ninety-eight villages, and eleven sections, whilst four hundred and six tribal authorities set to exercise their electoral franchise next month on the 4th June 2022.

Speaking to NewsFeed Sierra Leone Abu Bakarr Osaio Kamara stated that his campaign message has been very straightforward as a leader who will be advocating for more development to help reduce the suffering in Ngowahun Chiefdom where he was born and schooled, and has a wealth of experience in the private sector for a decade serving non-governmental organizations “I have never campaign on the ticket of as someone who is rich and will be undertaking solely infrastructural development in the chiefdom, but rather as the one that is ready to improve the welfare of the people by knocking the doors of both the government and the private sector for the development of the Chiefdom” he asserted.

Adding, he has already commenced outreach engagements across Ngowahun Chiefdom five years ago before the official declaration of the political process, and shared a cordial relationship with the other eleven aspirants ” Elections are crucial moments but what is more important is the development of our beloved Ngowahun Chiefdom, so, therefore, I am appealing to my colleague aspirants for us to keep maintaining the peace” he concluded



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