Police in Falaba are investigating one Operational Support Division (OSD) Police officer, Constable 16007 Mohammed Alimamy Kamara of Mongo Division for allegedly intruding into an all-girls boarding home in Falaba and sexually assaulting.

According to report, Constable Kamara armed with a knife on the 20th November 2021 at around 2 to 3 am, allegedly broke into the Sunday Foundation Junior Secondary School Dormitory which houses 11 girls, and went on a horrifically frenzied and predatory sexual assault on some of the girls.

The school security guard, Mohamed Fanda Marah, said the OSD in question went to the school on the night, hours before the incident but later left.

He said he then went into his security post, but later heard some movements and sounds by his door. He said he attempted to open the door but couldn’t and realized he had been locked in from outside.

He said he shouted but the girls and matron couldn’t hear him.

Marah alleged it was at this point the officer broke into the dormitory through the window and grabbed a 13-year-old girl.

The girl told Politico she was woken up from her sleep feeling someone indecently touching her. She said she came face to face with her knife – wielding assailant who threatened to kill her if she shouted. She screamed anyway, which woke up her colleagues and their Matron

Matron Sundu Marah confirmed the attack to Politico, saying the intruder threatened to kill her and the girls if she refused to identify girls he should have sex with. The woman said she refused to give in which got him furious and attacked her and another 15-year-old girl.

She said the officer then switched off the light and assaulted 6 other girls. The Metron explained that one of the girls managed to escape through the window but was chased by Kamara. She said they then ran to the police station and reported the attack to the Local Unit Commander Chief Superintendent, Edward Yamba.

She said a team of police officers headed by the LUC visited the crime scene where they found a police tag bearing the name and number of the officer in question.

The LUC confirmed to Politico that he has in his possession the officer’s police tag as one of the evidences. He said the officer is in custody and investigations are ongoing as they await the medical report.