Plan International in collaboration with Orange SL Foundation & Orange Digital Centre, Girls Out Loud, She Leads, Kamara Yokie Innovation Center (KYIC) celebrated Girls in ICT Day at the Kamara Yokie Innovation Center in Freetown with the Theme: Digital skills for life on the 26th April 2023.
For the past 12 years, Sierra Leone has joined over 150 countries around the world to celebrate this day every April which is an annual event.

ICT plays a pivotal role in a world that is becoming more digitalized each day and therefore it is important and imperative that digital skills are imparted on young women and girls at an early age.

Statements made by various partners emphasizing on the importance of empowering young women and girls with digital skills which will be essential in navigating different aspects of life.

For better understanding and empowerment, the young women and girls who were in attendance from various Schools, Communites & Organisations were engaged in interactive workshop sessions on Digital Literacy, Introduction to Coding, Mobile Journalism and Tech for inclusion.

The Partners affirmed that they would continue to foster partnerships to ensure that young women and girls are not only equipped with digital skills and tools, but also expose them to equal opportunities in a safe space in the outer world.

The young women and girls were also challenged to always seize the opportunities whenever they arises in life, without fear of inferiority, intimidation or discrimination as the case may be.

Acquiring Digital Skills in this present day and age is the way to go for our young women and girls in SL.