Osman Kondor Kamara Declared Paramount Chief of Yoni Mamaila Chiefdom

Provincial Secretary of the Northeast region, Simeon Fatoma has declared Osman Kondor Kamara the Paramount Chief of Yoni Mamaila chiefdom after securing the highest number of valid votes cast in the just concluded Paramount chieftaincy elections.

“Having scored the highest number of valid votes, and by the powers conferred on me, I hereby declared Osman Kondor Kamara the Paramount Chief of Yoni Mamaila chiefdom,” the Provincial Secretary said.

Kondor’s victory was decisive after he massively defeated the other contenders. Out of 579 valid votes cast, the newly elected Paramount chief scored 464, securing 80% of the votes. His main challenger, Mohamed Kamara scored 98 votes, with a percentage of 17.0.

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The other candidate, Abdul Raka Kamara scored 15 votes with 2.6 percent. Yoni Mamaila chiefdom goes to the pool on Thursday, May 26th, 2022 to elect a new traditional ruler. The elections were supposed to have been held on Wednesday but were postponed for reasons not known.

After a tense but peaceful election, Kondoh was declared the winner of the election. Immediately after declaring him Paramount chief, Kondor was surrounded by arm security men and drove off to an unknown destination accompanied by other vehicles of government officials and the country’s security forces. There were jubilations everywhere as supporters of the newly elected Paramount chief took to the streets of Yoni Bana where the elections were held. The National Debate was unable to talk to the other candidates and their supporters about their reactions to the outcome of the entire process.



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