Alarming concerns shroud Kori Chiefdom in the Moyamba District following the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Mr. Peter Brewah, affectionately known as “The Best”.

In response to escalating rumors and allegations surrounding Brewah’s absence, Paramount Chief Thomas B. Gbappi took decisive action on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

Summoning leaders and stakeholders from all eleven sections, women’s leaders, and societal heads to a crucial meeting, Paramount Chief Gbappi sought collective efforts to launch an extensive search operation for Brewah. The meeting was convened as Mr. Daniel J. Brewah, representing the Brewah family, officially disclosed the concerning situation to the Chiefdom authorities during the session.

Expressing the family’s distress over Mr. Peter Brewah’s disappearance, Daniel J. Brewah informed the gathered leaders that they had reported the matter to the Police. Despite rigorous efforts spanning over two months and encompassing the entire chiefdom, Brewah’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Taking decisive action to address the distressing situation, Paramount Chief Gbappi, alongside Speaker Chief Peter Yambasu, ordered an intensive two-week search across Kori Chiefdom. This search, conducted in parallel with the ongoing police investigations, aims to uncover any leads or information that could shed light on Brewah’s disappearance.

Urging the community’s collaboration and vigilance, Paramount Chief Gbappi implored individuals possessing credible information regarding Mr. Peter Brewah’s whereabouts to come forward and report to the authorities promptly.

As uncertainty looms over the disappearance of ‘The Best’, the Chiefdom remains united in its efforts to locate and ensure the safe return of Mr. Peter Brewah.