Honourable Sahr Charles of the Coalition For Change (C4C) party has beckoned the House of Parliament to summon the National Telecommunications Company (NATCOM) and mobile companies over increment in tariffs 

The member of parliament made this request while criticising the over 100 per cent increment in mobile data made by mobile companies recently.

Honourable Charles, who is a member of the Committee on Public and Political Affairs, said that the recent decision by mobile companies will not affect people at the higher echelons of society but rather those at the bottom.

The Constituency 028 parliamentary representative beckoned the Chairman of the Information Committee to investigate the reason for the increment.

The Information Committee Chairman, Honourable Boston Munda promised to investigate the reason for the increment and that he will relay the necessary information at the next sitting.

The Opposition Whip, Honourable Hassan Abdoul Sesay responded to the C4C parliamentarian that the increment is a result of the depreciating of the Leones against the US Dollar.

Honourable Sesay said that the main issue in the matter is that the Bank Governor cannot control the economy and that that should be their focus rather than the decision made by the mobile regulator and companies.

This submission by the Main Opposition Whip was interrupted by the Speaker of the House, Abass Bundu saying that the Bank Governor had been summoned once in parliament and had given his explanation with regards to the country’s ailing economy.