Pastor Favour Bangura of the Glory of God Prophetic Ministry has been arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old pupil.

According to the report Pastor Bangura who doubles as Principal of Wonders Academy International School was arrested and taken to the Mountain Police Division back of American Embassy, Freetown.

According to an interview conducted by Africa24, the 14-year-old victim confirms being raped by Pastor Favour Bangura.

While explaining her ordeal, the 14 years old said Pastor Favour Bangura sexually penetrated his penis into her vagina for the first time during early December last year and continued penetrating her this year adding that she had been sexually penetrated by Pastor Favour Bangura three times.

She continued that she wasted a lot of blood when Pastor Favour Bangura deflowered her and could not walk upright and she was struggling with blood oozing profusely at the middle of her legs, adding that Grace Bangura, a relative of Pastor Favour was the only person that noticed her while she was struggling to wipe the blood between her legs.

She further explained that Aunty Edna Bangura who is a sister to Pastor Favour Bangura celebrated her birthday in the latter’s church after he had deflowered her and that she was confused with the issue but there was no one to explain her plight adding that she wanted to explain to her father but her father’s strictness made her panic to reveal the issue to him.

Going further, she explained that she is being discriminated against in school by her friends and some teachers and was Recently stopped by Pastor Favour Bangura from not writing her exams who drove her home for school fees.

The Father of the victim said Pastor Favour Bangura threatened to summon him to court and jail him after he had sex with his daughter. He said he told the pastor that he does not have a case with him but with her daughter.

According to the father, he said Pastor Favour Bangura asked him to give him his daughter to take care of her so that he will bring her up by taking care of her and footing the bills for her needs.

He said her daughter scored an aggregate of 312 in the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) and said due to that, the Wonders International Academy promised to give her the scholarship to continue her schooling. He said even though his daughter was staying with pastor Favour Bangura he frequently sent money for her feeding and upkeep.

He said his daughter was born on 1st February 2008 at 4:00 pm to one Nurse Kumba situated at Hill station, back off former Old Skool night club, adding that he sent Le300,000 in celebration of the girl’s birthday.

He confessed that several times his daughter will come to his place late at night telling him that “she does not want to stay with pastor Favour Bangura” but will return her to the pastor.

He lamented how he trusted Pastor Favour Bangura as a holy man of God and was never expecting him to have done such an evil deed to his daughter and now he has destroyed the future of his daughter. “I want justice; I want the government to fight for me. I am a poor man and do not have money to take him to court,” he said.