The Rainbo Initiative has indicated that Kono District in Eastern Sierra Leone recorded the highest cases of physical assault among a total of six other district centers in the country.

The charity organization said that the data recorded was taken from six districts including Kono, Western Urban, and Rural, Kambia, Bo, Kono, Makeni, and Kenema.

The charity organization revealed this information during their presentation of the Rainbo Initiative’s Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Survivor’s Data of 2022.

The data posits that more than 60 percent of cases reported in all their centers were from Kono with a total report of 153 cases.

The second-placed Kambia District recorded just above 10 percent -more than five times lower than Kono. 24 people reported SGBV-related cases in Makeni total of 10.3 percent thereby placing the district in 3rd position.

The Executive Director of the charity, Daniel Kettor said that they also noticed that there is an increase in gang violence across the country. He said that this means that an increasing number of survivors said that they were attacked by at least two persons.

Kettor said that there was an increment of 16.1 percent in gang violence SGBV cases as their data revealed that 144 persons were physically assaulted by at least two individuals last year. These statistics dwarf the 124 reported cases in 2021.

Most of the cases recorded for last year were reported to have occurred in the morning hours.

Meanwhile, the Western Area consisting of both rural and urban districts is reported to have recorded the highest cases of sexual violence.