Poda Poda driver identified as Alhaji Wuror Barrie is wanted by the police for Tricking and Running Away with Passengers’ goods and Huge Sum of Money

According to the Picture shared on social media to help locate him, he is a driver who drives a vehicle with the number AOQ-956 to and fro, from Freetown to Makeni.

The information on the picture is that whiles approaching Makoth check point on Sunday the 5th December, 2021, he asked all passengers to get down in order to wash their hands and to be checked for face masks. As soon as he was sure all the passengers had gotten down from the vehicle, he quickly drove off in full speed with all their goods and a good amount of money.

Passengers reported the incident to the Mena Police Station in Makeni.

This man is wanted if seen contact the nearest police station or call on 076 841979/ 077 385849 as you will be rewarded for any information.