In a continued crackdown on cybercrime, the Cyber Investigative Unit at Police Headquarters has achieved another breakthrough with the arrest of a co-fraudster linked to Joseph Koroma, alias Josie Mourino.

The recent apprehension, staged on Thursday, November 16, 2023, resulted in the capture of Mohamed Koroma, known as Borbor Belle, Ola Med, and Farm, along Kissy Road, Mountain Cut Junction.

Both suspects, Joseph Koroma and Mohamed Koroma, are currently held in police custody under investigation for a slew of cyber-related offenses, including fraud, conspiracy to defraud, impersonation, identity theft, online scams, cyber stalking, and bullying.

Initial investigations revealed that the two suspects crossed paths during their time at the male Correctional Center, where they served sentences for previous offenses. Upon their release, they allegedly joined forces, duping citizens out of significant sums of money by impersonating various government officials. Utilizing the phone number +23279646311, they purportedly engaged in fraudulent activities, preying on unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, ongoing investigations have unveiled the existence of additional co-fraudsters operating through different syndicates to perpetrate fraud and deceive people, ultimately extracting their hard-earned money.

The Cyber Investigative Unit remains vigilant, actively monitoring and pursuing these cybercriminal activities to ensure the continued safety and security of citizens from such fraudulent schemes.