The police in Waterloo, headed by CSP Mr. Ibrahim M Sama, arrested 15 individuals on independence day after extensive patrols and raids in and around the township of Waterloo.

The raid was conducted in response to threatening demonstrations on Sierra Leone’s 62nd Independence Day that had gone viral on social media through videos and audio.

Their objective was to prevent any unlawful acts and reassure law-abiding citizens of their safety and security.

The patrols and raids continued for over 12 hours and resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals, comprising 10 men and 5 women, on various charges related to the Public Order Act.

Additionally, the police demolished and set fire to several ghettos that they had raided. The police also visited Soja Town, a village located approximately 8 miles from Central Waterloo, which is home to Moses Yirie Jalloh, also known as General Kabila, the Chairman of the Ex-combatants Association of the Western Rural District.