27-year-old Amadu Hindolo Bangura of Ashobi Corner along Blackhall Road, Freetown, who disguised himself in Islamic gowns to escape Police arrest, has been nabbed by the Operations Team of the Harbour Police Division for Unlawful Possession of 278 wraps of Kush at Benz garage where he was carrying his illicit drug trade.

Bai Kargbo, 29, of 34 Kissi By-pass Road, Freetown, was also arrested with 20 wraps of Kush at Kamara-Bar Old Road, in the east end of Freetown.

A huge quantity of Kush was also discovered in the bedroom of 19-year-old Lovetta Kabia of Peace Market, Ferry Junction, Freetown, together with a strange liquid suspected to be used in the processing of the Kush drug.

“I stopped selling Kush a week ago due to the persistent raids of the Harbour Police. I never knew there was Kush under my bedroom anymore,” cried the young Lovetta Kabia.

The suspects, together with the exhibits, are under investigation at the Harbour Police Division.