Kamakwie Police Division have arrested two illegal fuel sellers with 84 Batters of Petrol and Diesel at Kamakwie, a town in the North West Province of Sierra Leone.

Despite all efforts made by the Government to tackle fuel issues in the country, these illegal Fuel sellers commonly called jebu, were caught allegedly selling fuel on the street at excess price per liter to the people.

It is reported that they keep the fuel from the people and sell it on the street at Le20,000 per liter when the actual price announced by the Government is Le15,000.

However, the eighty four (84) batters of petrol and diesel caught with them are now in the kamakwie Police custody.

And the two criminals will face magistrate Sorie Momoh Sesay of the Kamakwie court on allegations of keeping and selling fuel at Le20,000 on the street.