One of the armed Police Officers who allegedly attacked a village in the Northern part of Sierra Leone at night, stole properties and assaulted a disability man has been identified by local residents.

According to reports, on Thursday, 26th January 2023, a team of police officers allegedly stormed Mayaingbay village, in Mara chiefdom at around 7 p.m. local time with arms and mercilessly beat a poor disabled man who is in his seventies.

Abdul Sesay, the victim, and his wife were both assaulted by the police officers and their properties were looted.

The Police officer whose photo is attached to this story is Francis Fornah and is alleged to have led the team from Waterloo Police Station.

Fornah is a native of the village but he’s yet to justify his action. The authorities in the village said they were not notified by the officers before entering the village at that hour of the night.

The authorities said the officers would have ignited a whole riot in the area If the villagers would have resisted.

Meanwhile, a family member of the poor disabled man has confirmed that he’s in a Police cell in Waterloo.

This medium is making effort to reach the leadership of the Sierra Leone Police in the Northeast region to ascertain whether they are aware of the arrests and by extension the unprofessional way the Police allegedly behaved.