Some senior police officials attached to the Rogbaneh  Police Station in Makeni have confirmed the arrest of 3 suspects alleged to have beaten up a personnel working at  the Makeni Unit.

They disclosed that  ”they  received  intelligence  that one of their personnel was being  attacked by  a young  man who he had once arrested during a Police operation.’‘ According to the Awoko Newspaper, the police officer has been allegedly beaten at Makeni’s Campbell Street Market.

The Sierra Leone police further deployed their operations team to the scene of the incident at  Makeni Campbell street where the Personnel journeyed together with his wife to buy some foodstuff and other items, but sadly met their man in trenches after being allegedly beaten by some traders.

To the dismay of the Sierra Leone Police, they learned that their office was being beaten up without any rescue from other traders, not even others that were present at the scene of the incident.

Upon the report made by their personnel name withheld, they have been able to effect some few arrests although the main suspect who was alleged to have championed the attack on the officer that led others to beat him up is at the moment on the run, that will not stop the ongoing investigation, the police assured.