The Commissioner of Police East and the  and the Kenema City Mayor have led a joint patrol in City to ensure peace and stability.

The Police Media Unit in Kenema reported that the joint patrol is scheduled for the 19th to the 30th June 2024 of which the Regional Police Commander – East,  Police Commissioner Andrew Mustapha Kamara on the 19th July 2024, took a lead in a “show of strength” exercise , organized by security apparatuses, decision makers and other Community stakeholders, to reassure and ensure peace and safety throughout the Kenema City and by extension, the entire Eastern Region.

The team comprised the Mayor of Kenema City, the Office of the National Security (ONS) Brigade Commander 2 Infantry Brigade, Regional Commander- Sierra Leone Correctional Center (SLCC,) Regional Commander-Sierra Leone National Fire Force (SLNFF), Sierra Leone Road Traffic Authorities (SLRTA) Civil Society Organization (CSO), and the Press, respectively.

The team made their way through the main streets of Kenema to send out messages of peace to the community people.

Reports from the Sierra Leone Police Media Unit-East indicate that the police commissioner and his able lieutenant; Local Unit Commander, Kenema Division; CSP Edison Vandi, together with their Tasking and Coordinating Group (TCG), have been heading up joint patrol operations, and constant Community engagement in Kenema City and its environs, and that strategic locations, in and within the City, have been monitored and secured.

At this time, the entire Eastern Region remains relatively peaceful, with no significant incidents reported.