Joseph Mbogba,  Moyamba District Council Chairman is currently finding ways to come out of the mess he created by willfully beating his subject, James Fortune, a poor resident in Moyamba Town.

Mr. Fortune (Victim) is currently sick after receiving the beating of his life. The beating has left Mr. Fortune with severe headaches with blood sometimes running from his nose.

The Police in Moyamba Southern Sierra Leone confirmed they have intensifies their investigation on the Moyamba District Council Chairman, Mr. Joseph Mbogba for the alleged assault and beating of Mr. James Fortune alias “Catcher”.

Police have now corroborated the statement obtained from the chairman with the hope of charging the matter in court.

The Moyamba District Chairman was alleged to have slapped Mr. Fortune after an argument ensued between both him and gang of boys supporting the chairman.

The victim Mr. Fortune said they were all gathered at Makeni Road in Moyamba to witness the handing over of the Solar Borehole water well that was rehabilitated to which the chairman was an invitee.

The chairman was told that he has done little or nothing and this accordingly anger him.

Just after the argument, the Chairman of the Council pretended to leave the scene only to return in an upset mood at the scene and pounce on Mr. Fortune accusing him of supporting his opponent.

“He came, jumped from his vehicle, removed my cap, and threw it on the ground.

The chairman in turn gave me a heavy slap in full view of every person that was present. I fell on the ground only to regain consciousness after about thirty minutes, Mr. Fortune said.”

Mr. Fortune noted that the matter is now with the police and all they are waiting for is for the police to charge the case to court.

“I have done my own part by routing the matter to the police, it is now left with them to speed up the matter that has lasted for over a month now. I rely so much on the police for justice, because as a poor man I don’t have what it takes to fight the district council chairman, he said.”

The Local Unit Commander in Moyamba division, Franklyn Bawoh in response to the latest development said they will soon complete the investigation and send the file for advice.

“The police have instituted an investigation into this matter, but we could not proceed after as some district stakeholders intervene and asked for mediation on the matter. Since then they have not come back to us, but notwithstanding this, we will continue our investigation on this matter, he said”.

“This abusive practice should not be swept under the rug, in the guise of protecting people in high places according to Hon. Simion Fefegula of Constituency 096 in Moyamba”.

Hon. Fefegula said this act by the Moyamba District Council Chairman is in clear violation of the right of Mr. Fortune and the need for police to conclude an investigation into the matter.

He said the Chairman continues to create problems in the district and the SLPP party he represents and this is not good for this District and the party.

The Chairman of Moyamba District Council Mr. Joseph Mbogba continues to refer to the allegation as baseless noting that the allegations are politically motivated.

“How can I fight my subject? These are all lies and the incident that took place on that particular day was between young people supporting me and my opponents. I never slapped anybody, he said.”

The Moyamba district council chairman, however, confirmed that he was invited by the police and told somebody has gone to report him.