In a bid to combat the rising issue of graveyard vandalism and the distribution of kush, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has ramped up its efforts, particularly in Cline Town, an area identified as a hub for kush distribution.

Detective Ahmed Sheku Turay revealed that recent operations have targeted graveyards in Freetown’s Racecourse Cemetery, where individuals known as Kush boys have been tampering with graves.

Under the leadership of Chief Superintendent of Police Emmanuel Kpulun, these operations form part of a larger initiative named “Operation Kush Must Go,” aimed at cracking down on kush peddlers within the Harbor Division.

During these raids, law enforcement officers dismantled makeshift structures used for smoking and selling kush, focusing on areas notorious for drug activity, including the Kissy Dock Yard, Fisheries, and Culvert Communities.

Despite these efforts, a significant number of drug peddlers managed to evade arrest by fleeing upon the arrival of police officers.

However, residents of the affected communities have welcomed the police action, expressing gratitude for the efforts to combat kush distribution and graveyard vandalism.

The Sierra Leone Police emphasizes its dedication to addressing the illicit drug trade and preserving community spaces from vandalism. Ongoing initiatives underscore the police force’s commitment to upholding law and order in the region.