The Sierra Leone Police have indicated that they have launched an investigation and hunt for the alleged killing of fellow officer, Samuel Abu Bakarr Kargbo.

Kargbo was reported dead at 34 Military hospital after Esther Johnson found him in a pool of blood at 8 Woodland Estate, Off Signal Hill.

Police intelligence unveiled that the officer together with one Mohamed Samura was sent to collect the sum of 20,000 US by Tamba Daniel Moiba popularly known as T-Boy from one Sesay at Radisson Blu Hotel in Aberdeen.

The police said that Sesay later drove off with Kargbo leaving Samura behind, who  returned home feeling wary.

After several hours, police said, a certain Desmond received a distress call from a Woodland Estate security guard who claimed that the Kargbo gave him his contact.

Responding to the call, the said Desmond proceeded to the scene as directed by the guard and found Kargbo in a pool of blood.

According to the police, their colleague was later taken to 34 military hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Forensics officers from the police found a pistol pouch and a cap believed to be property of Sesay who is on the run together with Moiba.

The body of Kargbo was later transferred to the Connaught Mortuary for post mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death.