Police and the Anti-corruption Commission are reportedly investigating a 419 man known as Editayo George Temple alleged to have been involved in examinations malpractices and selling of WASSCE, BECE results and leakages in the country.

Editayo George Temple, who was recently rejected a job for presenting a fake Masters Degree, is currently on the run. He is using this fake number ( +232 79 316750) on Whatsapp. Anybody with information about Editayo George Temple should contact the Police or the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Fraud Squad yesterday, following the publication of withheld WAEC results, received a number of phone calls from students and parents who said they had fallen victim to Editayo’s exams scam. In recent years several poor students and parents are reported to have been conned into paying million of Leones to Editayo George Temple in order to get fake exams results and leakages. Concerned citizens have vowed to expose Editayo George Temple as they cannot stand by and watch the future leaders of Sierra Leone get their talents eroded because of wicked individuals corrupting the education system.

Investigations Editor uncovered the shocking account of Editayo George Temple purporting to be a masters degree holder. The journalist detailed how correspondence began between Editayo George Temple and the employment agency where he had applied for a job .

The Investigations Editor is publishing this shocking account to help tackle corruption and prevent other Sierra Leoneans from doing the same. Our communications were relayed via email between the dates of 9-4-14 to 4-03-15. The messages have been edited slightly from their original format for easier readability. No other information has been omitted or knowingly falsified in the process.

Editayo George Temple was enrolled into senior secondary school with a fake BECE results using the name of another student. He was not successful at WASSCE, with F9 in all subjects but for Business Management with C6. He was not accepted in the University of Sierra Leone.

In his desperate bid to enter university, Editayo George Temple again used a fake WASSCE result and enrolled into the Theological College in Freetown to pursue a diploma in Community Studies. He spent over 4 years ( from 2004 to 2008) to study for a diploma certificate, but failed the course and was disgracefully kick-out of the College , following complaints from lectures over his corrupt tendencies in the collect. But in his job application, Editayo George Temple submitted a CV with a Masters Degree.

Editayo George Temple stated in his CV that the Theological College is part of the University of Sierra Leone. That was not true. The Theological was not part of the University of Sierra Leone.

Following the job interview, the employer contacted Editayo George Temple’s references and college, but references from the Theological College could not confirm his masters degree as purported in the CV. In fact, the College returned a reference with ” Certificate Course Incomplete”. Editayo George Temple was therefore rejected the job.

Since then , Editayo George Temple became frustrated and desperate to blackmail decent people in society whom he perceived to have exposed his fake qualifications. He has resorted to blackmail antics. Editayo George Temple is now notorious for blackmailing people who refused to comply with his fraudulent activities.

Editayo George Temple has also defrauded and blackmailed people like Mr. Junior Navo, Dr Sylvia Blyden, Dr David Tambayor, Mr. Mohammed Bangura, Mr. Messeh Leone, Mr. Abu Bakarr Kamara, President Koroma, Maada Bio, Kandeh Yumkella, Victor Foh, Samuel Sam-Sumana, musician Emmerson Bockarie among others.

Evidence shows that Editayo has never been employed. He was a mere security guard and now roaming as blackmail journalist. See below a CV uncovered by this Investigations Journalist.

Sierra Leoneans should be careful and mindful of such dangerous people in society and whatever Editayo George Temple’s publishes should be discarded and ignored. The guy is a notorious criminal.

If you live in a glass house , don’t throw stones.