The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters at Pademba Road, Freetown has initiated an investigation into the perplexing demise of esteemed police officer Tapan Tarawallie.

Formerly a member of the Operational Support Division (OSD), commonly referred to as (Delta), and stationed at the Aberdeen Police station, Tarawallie met his untimely end at the Kingharman Road Satellite Hospital last Tuesday under mysterious circumstances.

Reports indicate that Tarawallie was discovered in a car in a severely debilitated state, unable to move or communicate. Suspicions of foul play have sparked numerous rumors surrounding the circumstances of his demise. While some speculate poisoning as the cause, others suggest he may have been subjected to torture.

The police investigation aims to uncover crucial details, including the identity of the car’s owner and how Tarawallie came to be in the vehicle. Though authorities have not confirmed specifics, it is rumored that three individuals are cooperating with the police. Among them, reportedly, are a female and a male police officer, alongside a man identified as the deceased’s “boyhood friend.”

CID authorities have assured the public that updates regarding the circumstances leading to Tarawallie’s death and subsequent actions will be communicated to the media. Meanwhile, family sources have disclosed that the late officer is scheduled to be laid to rest at the Aberdeen cemetery on Thursday of this week.