In a meeting held on Tuesday, 12th September 2023, at the CDIID office in Bo City, the Regional Police Commander South, AIG Brima Kanneh, delivered a strong assurance to Bo City Mayor Kobba Musa and various stakeholders present regarding the Sierra Leone Police Force’s unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and order in the Southern Region.

The meeting, which was convened to address the pressing issue of street congestion in Bo City, saw the participation of distinguished figures, including the Paramount Chief of Kakua Chiefdom, PC Lappia Boima IV, Brigadier General S.T. Kanu from the Gondama Military Brigade, representatives from the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), local traders, and officers from the two Police Divisions in Bo, among others.

AIG Kanneh expressed his deep concern about the escalating problem of street congestion in the city. He revealed that previous meetings with various stakeholders, including traders, commercial motorbike riders, and drivers, had failed to produce a solution. As a result, he issued a stern warning to all concerned parties, urging them to vacate the congested streets and facilitate the free flow of traffic.

“The Sierra Leone Police is resolutely committed to ensuring your safety and will not tolerate or endorse lawlessness,” emphasized AIG Kanneh.

He further informed the City Mayor that plans were underway to reinstate police deployments on Bojon Street in the near future to help restore order.

Bo City Mayor Kobba Musa, in response, commended AIG Kanneh for his proactive measures aimed at combating lawlessness and crime in the South, with a particular focus on Bo City. He urged AIG Kanneh to provide the necessary support to address the pressing issue of street congestion, which posed a significant risk to the lives of residents.

Joining the conversation, Brigade Commander Brigadier General S.T. Kanu pledged his support for the Mayor’s initiative, acknowledging the longstanding challenges posed by street congestion in several key areas of the city.

“Maihei-Boima Road, Bojon Street, New London, and Fenton Road are among the streets that are consistently congested by traders, drivers, and riders,” noted Brigadier General S.T. Kanu.

In a unanimous decision, all stakeholders agreed to launch joint operations on Thursday, 21st September 2023, to tackle the issue of street congestion in Bo City. This collaborative effort is expected to significantly contribute to maintaining calmness and order in the city, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.