The Sierra Leone Police during a press conference held at its headquarter, George Street in Freetown have revealed that they have apprehended three individuals on charges of child trafficking.

This revelation was made by Regional Police Commander Andrew Kamara of the Eastern Region while updating the media on happenings in the east.

According to him, the suspects who were identify as Abdul Rahman Kamara, Mustapha, and Alfred Sesay were intercepted at a checkpoint in Koidu Division, leading to their immediate arrest and detention at Kenema Police Division.

He said the suspects were transporting a total of 17 individuals in their vehicle, which comprises of 11 children accompanied by their mothers, adding that the investigation conducted sofar uncovered plans to traffic these minors to Niger.

He further revealed that all 11 children, along with their mothers, have been entrusted to the Ministry of Social Welfare and relocated to a secure facility. “If they had reached Niger, these children typically face placement in camps with subsequent repatriation back to their home countries, driven solely by the selfish interests of traffickers.”

The Anti-Human Trafficking Act of 2005 in Sierra Leone strictly prohibits child trafficking, with penalties including imprisonment for a minimum of five years. Commander Kamara assured the public that the detained suspects will face full legal scrutiny and prosecution as per the law.

The swift action by the Sierra Leone Police underscores the commitment to combatting child trafficking and ensuring the safety and protection of vulnerable children across the country.