The Operations Team of Waterloo has successfully recovered the vehicle of the LUC of Central Police Station, Freetown, on Monday the 10th July, 2023.

The LUC’s vehicle was reportedly carted away by thieves in February 2023.

Police report that the said vehicle was retrieved on a raid at an alleged Car theft garage at Bassa Town, Lumpa, in Waterloo.

It is also reported that the owner of the garage, Moisera Sesay and other three are in Police custody helping with investigation.

In another news, the Waterloo Police on the 8th July, 2023 raided and arrested four notorious drug dealers operating on the biggest drug cartels in Tombo junction and Gbensha near the same Lumpa.

The said raid took place a day after a 59-year-old -petty trader was found lifeless at the Bofla community with some body parts missing.

The makeshift structures of the drug dealers were reportedly demolished and the dealers charged to court.