Sierra Leone Police Squad 19, stationed in the Southern region, has embraced the concept of unionism with the establishment of “One Family.”

The initiative, spearheaded by PC 19468 Hannah Bundor and PC 19138 Alhaji Osman Mansaray, has received widespread acceptance among squad members over eight months. This move aims to cultivate stronger bonds, promote teamwork, and enhance working relationships among the officers.

PC 19811 Mohamed I. Turay, Chairperson of “One Family” and attached to the Bo East Police Division, lauded the efforts of squad members in fostering a conducive working environment. He emphasized the importance of spending quality time together, sharing experiences, and offering mutual support during challenging times.

The formation of “One Family” has transcended mere professional ties, evolving into a close-knit support system where officers uplift and celebrate each other’s successes. Chairman Turay highlighted the mission and vision of the initiative, emphasizing the importance of recognizing each other’s strengths and working cohesively towards common goals.

According to Chairman Turay, the sense of comradeship fostered by “One Family” has transformed squad members into more than just teammates; they have become a chosen family, united in their commitment to supporting one another through all circumstances.

As the squad continues to embrace the principles of unionism and solidarity, it is expected that this initiative will further enhance collaboration, communication, and overall effectiveness in fulfilling their duties to serve and protect the community.