The media department of the Sierra Leone Police has issued a press release which Is dated 30th December, upholding the ban on street procession of all Masquerades.

The release further reminds the public that the Government of Sierra Leone placed a moratorium (general ban) on street processions of all mask devils and other esoteric societies. The ban clearly directed that whosoever intends to parade the streets of Freetown or elsewhere in Sierra Leone with mask devils or esoteric societies must either seek the expressed approval of the Inspector General of Police or traditional leaders in the provinces.

The Sierra Leone Police further states that they are aware of the fact that New Year celebrations in Sierra Leone are usually marked by large processions of masquerades and other esoteric societies,

the Management of the Sierra Leone Police therefore further bring to the notice of the general public that no such approval has been granted by the Inspector General to anyone or to any group or groups of individuals to process the streets with masquerades and/or esoteric societies on Saturday 1st January, 2022, or thereafter.

Consequent upon the above, the Sierra Leone Police strictly warn any person or groups with intention to come out with any mask devils or esoteric societies on New Year’s Day and/or subsequent days without prior approval by the police to resist the urge and also desist from doing so.

The police also state in the that according to Intelligence obtained so far indicates that materials and/or objects intended to be used for such purposes have been deposited and concealed around Berwick Street and elsewhere in Sierra Leone.

The force for therefore make it known that whoever or whatever group or groups that attempt/s to break and circumvent the ban will face stiff resistance from the Police and the organizers risk being arrested on sight or subsequently.