Bike riders in Port Loko city have expressed their total dissatisfaction over what they regard as perpetual increase of the price of fuel which, according to them, is creating great financial constraints for them.

This follows the announcement of new fuel price by the government, shooting from Nle 25 to Nle 30.

Speaking to  Sierraloaded reporter, a rider at the Focus point park, Alimamy S Kamara, stressed that the new price have affected him to the point that he is thinking of returning his bike to the owner (his master). He said they are not getting anything under the current situation and this is causing problems with their masters.

Abubakarr Dumbuya, another rider at NP said, “This eventuality came as emergency because we are not notified and we felt bad about it, so we are calling for the reduction of the prices.”

Speaking on same, Santigie Bangura from the central or Baibureh park complained that, due to the current situation there has been mass reduction of commuters, causing great losses for them.

Moreover, many others have shared similar views, adding that petrol stations are closing down, giving the peddlers the advantage to add more problems.

The chairman of the motor drivers union and some drivers of the district refused to add their voice to the Interview, stating that they are not consulted before increment is made and that their voices on the media are falling on deaf ears and there by not creating any positive impact.