The Children Advocacy and Accountability Network (CAAN) organized an inter-area sports meet at the Port Loko University field, fostering a message of unity among the participating communities.

Honorable Member of Parliament (MP) for Loko Masama, Sankoh Yellah who was invited as the guest of honor addressed the gathering after the event’s conclusion. The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) MP began by expressing gratitude to the organizers, participants, and other attendees.

Highlighting the event’s significance, he stated: “This event promotes peace between the two main political parties, APC and SLPP, reminding everyone that we are all one people. Additionally, it encourages physical well-being.”

MP Sankoh urged the invited communities of Old Port Loko, Central, Sendugu, and Magbayni to unite: “While I am an SLPP MP, for now, I stand before you as the people’s MP.”

He offered a thought-provoking message, advising everyone to consider the day they will face a higher judgment: “Showing favoritism towards any group within society will require answering to the Almighty.”

The MP encouraged the younger generation to prioritize their future by setting aside political divisions. He emphasized that the SLPP and the All People’s Congress (APC) ultimately represent the same people. Expanding on his advice, he cautioned against the harmful effects of drug use, particularly “kush.”

The sporting event witnessed the participation of various prominent figures and stakeholders from Port Loko, including Deputy Vice Chancellor Alhaji Brima Gogra of the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology, Port Loko Campus.